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Looking good and feeling great - the two main reasons why people tan and why over 3 million people in the UK use a sunbed each year.Whether you're about to go off on holiday, have a special occasion looming, or simply want that sun kissed look all year round, responsible sunbed use is the perfect partner for achieving your golden glow.  Most men and women want a plane tan and that’s what a sunbed gives them. They don’t have to wait for summer and spend long hours in the sun. In fact it requires just a few visits for about 10 minutes each time and they get a perfect tan. Tanning sunbeds  offer vitamin D as a benefit. Vitamin D is responsible for a number of things. It helps the bones in your body absorb calcium to keep them strong and also serves to fight off cancer. You can get this vitamin from the sun as well but we all know that this may be tough to do during the winter.

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Single session: Courses:
6min £4.20 30min £18  
12min  £8.40 60min £36  
18min £12.60 80min £56  
    100min £60